How To Choose The Right Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel In Kirkland, WA

Your Ultimate Guide to How to Choose Tile for Bathrooms

modern bathroom interior with natural stone tile

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of tile options out there?

Wondered how to pick the perfect tile that complements your Kirkland home’s style?

You’re in the right place!

This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of choosing the ideal tile for your bathroom remodel.

By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision about your bathroom remodel in Kirkland that you’ll love for years to come.

Begin With A Dream Tile

Every great design starts with inspiration.

Maybe you’ve seen a ceramic tile in a magazine or a friend’s house in Kirkland that you can’t get out of your mind.

That’s your dream tile! Use it as a foundation for your design.

Your dream tile will serve as the cornerstone of your design, guiding your subsequent choices.

Often, homeowners find that once they’ve selected their dream tile, other design elements fall into place more easily.

Limit Your Tile Choices For Cohesion

A bathroom with a mix of white subway tile and black hexagon tile

While it’s tempting to mix and match, sticking to two or three tile types ensures a harmonious look. Remember, less is often more.

As per experts, using more than three different tiles can make your bathroom look haphazard.

In fact, too many patterns and colors can be overwhelming, especially in a smaller space like a bathroom.

Importance Of Color Palette

Modern black bathroom interior

Colors set the mood.

Whether you’re going for a serene oasis or a vibrant space, choose a palette that resonates with the vibe you want.

Stick to 2-3 colors for a cohesive look.

The colors you choose will evoke emotions and feelings, so consider the ambiance you want to create.

For instance, soft blues and greens can create a calming, spa-like atmosphere, while bold reds or blacks can make a dramatic statement.

Varying Size And Pattern Layout

A bathroom with a herringbone tile pattern on the floor

Mixing tile sizes and patterns can add depth and interest.

Consider a herringbone pattern or a classic subway tile layout.

Different patterns, like plaid or stacked vertically, can add texture and interest to your bathroom.

Size is another crucial design consideration.

Larger tiles can make a space feel more expansive, while smaller tiles can add intricate detail.

Maintenance Considerations

Think about the long-term.

Some tiles, such as natural stones like marble and granite, require more upkeep than others.

For instance, porcelain tiles, made from fired clay, are known for their durability and ease of cleaning.

Also, avoid tiles that are too slippery for bathroom floors.

Tiles with textured surfaces or matte finishes can provide better traction in wet areas.

Grout Choices And Their Impact

White subway tiles with black grout line the bathtub and shower with black faucets

Grout can make or break your design.

A contrasting grout can make your tiles pop, while a matching one offers a seamless look.

Grout color and thickness can emphasize or de-emphasize a tile’s shape and/or pattern, so it should not be an afterthought.

Also, darker grout can be more forgiving of dirt and stains, while lighter grout can brighten a space.

For a more modern look, consider using a thin grout line.

For a more traditional or rustic look, wider grout lines might be more appropriate.

Mixing Finishes Without Compromising Function

Matte tiles might be great for floors (less slippery), but a glossy finish might be easier to clean on walls.

Combine different tile finishes for a tactile experience.

Consider where the material is going and how it will be interacted with.

For instance, a flat glossy tile might be perfect for a backsplash where it won’t get walked on but could be slippery underfoot in the shower.

Additional Considerations Before Making the Purchase

Various decorative tiles

Remember That Modern Bathroom Tiles Have More Variety Than Ever

Tiles have come a long way.

Today’s tile options offer more variety in terms of color, size, and material than ever before.

From the classic white tiles to the modern geometric patterns, there’s something for everyone.

Various factors, including advances in manufacturing and global design trends, have influenced the evolution of tile design.

Think About Tile Size for Different Bathroom Areas

Tile size can be a crucial consideration when it comes to function.

For instance, smaller tiles with more grout lines can offer a better grip on shower floors.

Larger tiles can make a small bathroom appear bigger, giving it a more spacious feel.

It’s also worth noting that larger tiles often mean fewer grout lines, which can make a space feel more streamlined and can be easier to clean.

Consider the Diversity Of Color Options and Their Impact.

From calming blues to earthy tans, the color you choose for your tiling can drastically change the feel of your bathroom.

An abundance of color choices for tiles exists, making it essential to select a color palette to narrow down options.

Remember, the color of your tiles can influence the perceived temperature of a roomβ€”a warm color can make a room feel cozier, while a cool color can make it feel more open and airy.

Decide Between Traditional And Modern Styles

A bathroom with large format tiles

While a classic white tile is timeless, don’t be afraid to experiment with modern designs.

Decide between a timeless or standout tile based on your personal preference.

Consider the overall aesthetic of your Kirkland home.

If you have a historic or traditional home, a classic tile might fit better.

But if you have a contemporary or modern home, you might opt for a more current tile design.

Align Your Tile Choices With the Overall Design of Your Kirkland Home

Ensure your bathroom doesn’t feel out of place.

It should complement the rest of your Kirkland home.

Consider the overall design of your home when making tile choices.

For instance, if your home has a coastal vibe, you might opt for tiles in shades of blue and green.

If your home is more rustic, tiles that mimic natural stone or wood might be a good fit.

Dive into Types: Glass, Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles, And More

Glass Tile

Various glass tiles

Historically loved by many ancient civilizations, glass tiles offer a modern, sleek look.

They’re durable, resistant to moisture, and come in a plethora of designs.

Glass tiles have been used for centuries and have stood the test of time.

They can add a touch of glamor or sophistication to a bathroom.

Natural Stone Tile

A bathroom with natural stone tile in the shower.

For those who love a touch of luxury, natural stone tiles like marble or granite are perfect.

They offer unique patterns and a timeless appeal.

Natural stone tiles bring a touch of nature into your bathroom, providing a serene and calming ambiance.

However, they can require more maintenance than other types of tiles, so be sure to consider that in your decision.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Perfect for those on a budget, these tiles don’t skimp on style.

They’re versatile, durable, and perfect for the humid environment of a bathroom.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are known for their affordability and versatility, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

They’re also easy to install, making them a favorite among DIYers.

Concrete Tile

close up of gray concrete tiles

Concrete tiles offer a unique and modern look, often characterized by their robustness and versatility.

They can be customized in various colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to create a personalized look.

Concrete tiles are known for their durability, making them suitable for high-traffic areas in the bathroom.

They also provide a contemporary industrial aesthetic that can be both sleek and rustic, depending on the finish and color chosen.

Maintenance is relatively straightforward, but sealing them is recommended to prevent stains and moisture absorption.

Cork Tile

Cork tiles are an eco-friendly option that brings warmth and a soft texture to bathroom spaces.

They are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, making them an excellent choice for wet areas.

Cork tiles also have a natural elasticity, providing a comfortable underfoot experience.

Their insulating properties can help in maintaining the temperature of the bathroom, making it feel cozy.

It’s essential to seal cork tiles to protect them from water and moisture.

Their unique look and sustainability make them a favorite among environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Cost Considerations for Bathroom Tile

It’s essential to factor in the cost of tiles when planning your bathroom remodel.

Tiles can range from $1 per square foot to luxury options costing $200+ per square foot.

Set a budget, but remember, sometimes you get what you pay for.

While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s crucial to consider the longevity and durability of the tiles.

Investing a bit more upfront can save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent repairs or replacements.

Also, don’t forget to account for additional costs like installation, grout, and any sealants or treatments the tiles might require.

Especially in places like Kirkland, where the weather can vary, ensuring your tiles are well-protected can extend their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Tile

A bathroom remodel with classic subway tile.

Should I tile my small bathroom floor to ceiling?
Absolutely! It can make the space feel larger and more modern. Plus, it offers a cohesive look that many homeowners in Kirkland love. You can discover more small bathroom remodeling ideas here.

Which should I tile first, the walls or the floor?
Typically, walls first, then the floor. This sequence helps prevent any damage to the floor tiles during the wall tile installation.

What colors make a bathroom look larger?
Lighter shades like whites, tans, and light grays can give an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Mirrored or glossy tiles can also reflect light, further enhancing the sense of space.

How do I maintain the shine on my tiles?

Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and avoiding abrasive materials can keep your tiles shining. For natural stone tiles, consider periodic sealing to maintain their luster.

What are the benefits of a bathroom remodel?

There are many benefits of bathroom remodeling, including increasing the value of a home and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, updating fixtures and functionalities can lead to improved energy efficiency and water conservation. Lastly, a renovated bathroom provides homeowners with a more comfortable and modern space tailored to their preferences and needs.

You can learn the answers to more FAQs about bathroom remodeling here.

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