7 Luxurious Master Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love In Kirkland

Multiple master bathroom ideas

Redesigning any part of your Kirkland home is an exciting adventure! But there’s more than that when it comes to your master bathroom because it’s essential to your comfort. If you’re planning to remodel the master bathroom in your home, there are several master bathroom ideas you can use to create your ideal space.

This article will explore several exciting master bathroom ideas to help spark your creativity and speed up the planning for your bathroom remodel in Kirkland. Once you finish the article, don’t stop there, you can combine or adjust these ideas as much as you want to create your dream bathroom.

1. Differentiate Your Bathroom With A Showerbox

Glass shower box

You can use a shower box to differentiate the look of your bathroom. These boxes are glass on all sides, minus where the walls are. This allows for an uninterrupted view of your entire bathroom. It’s a great way to create a sleek, minimalist effect. 

Additionally, the transparent design creates a sense of continuity throughout the space, naturally making your bathroom seem more spacious. Shower boxes can be excellent additions for anyone planning a modern aesthetic for their bathroom remodels. 

2. Integrate Storage Throughout The Space

Another way to optimize your new master bathroom is by ensuring that storage space is plentiful and easily accessible. Although spacious cabinets and bathroom vanities are often sufficient, some homeowners choose to go even further by integrating storage solutions into their bathroom design.

For example, by installing cubbies in the shower or near the tub, homeowners can provide accessible storage space to place their phones or other belongings while they bathe. It’s easy to overlook storage when considering remodeling ideas, but they will impact the functionality of the space more than many other factors. 

3. Impress Guests With A Floating Vanity

Floating vanities can serve as the centerpiece to a stunning primary bathroom and mesh seamlessly with other decor pieces. These installations mount directly to the bathroom wall, leaving a gap between the bottom of the vanity and the floor. This gap creates the illusion of floating, lightening the feel of the entire room.

While these vanities make an excellent addition to almost any modern bathroom, there are a few downsides to consider. First, these pieces are often relatively expensive, which can raise the overall project’s budget. Additionally, installation can be complex, and any mistakes can lead to significant issues, so hiring an expert contracting company is essential.

4. Increase Space By Utilizing A Double Vanity

Bathroom with double vanity

Sharing your primary bathroom can be challenging, particularly if you and your partner both need to get ready at the same time. Fortunately, a double vanity can reduce this stress and allow you to use the space without interfering with each other.

If you’re interested in a double vanity, there are multiple design options to choose from. While a side-by-side double vanity is the most common option, some homeowners choose to place the vanities on opposite sides of the room. This creates even more space, although it requires an already expansive bathroom.

5. Create A Dark And Relaxing Color Scheme

Remodeling any room in your home is a perfect time to express yourself, so don’t limit yourself to standard color options. Bright colors like white and yellow can pair well with natural light to brighten the space and provide energy to you and your family. Darker colors also offer several benefits.

For instance, dark grey or black marble counters can add a refined touch to the space, while darker walls can turn your master bathroom into the ideal place to relax. Although some people find darker themes tiring, many homeowners love the overall visual effect they create.

6. Add A Statement Light Fixture

Lighting is integral to the resulting visual effect of any remodeling project in your home. Depending on the color scheme you choose for your master bathroom, different shades of light will provide the most flattering effect. Regardless of your decor style, it’s essential to ensure that the light is consistent and reaches every corner of the space.

However, lighting fixtures can also serve as valuable elements of the decor in your bathroom. For example, decorative fixtures above your vanity can brighten the space and draw visitors’ eyes, creating an impressive effect. While decorative fixtures won’t fit every design plan, they can be an excellent way to spice up an otherwise standard-looking bathroom.

7. Pamper Yourself With A Spa Tub

Jacuzzi tub

Ultimately, your master bathroom is a place for you to relax and recover from the stresses of your everyday routine. Making the room as comfortable as possible should always be a top priority when planning your remodel.

Nothing can truly match the feeling of spending time in a jacuzzi or spa-style soaking tub in your own bathroom. These tubs give you plenty of room to stretch out and soak, and they often come with water circulation or water massage options. 

However, there are some challenges involved with installing a spa tub in your home. For example, these fixtures require substantial floor space and can be expensive to clean and maintain. While spa tubs may be challenging for some homeowners to budget for, they are worth the cost if you can afford them.

Bring Your Master Bathroom Ideas To Life Today In Kirkland, WA

Remodeling your bathroom can be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. An impressive new bathroom can completely transform the feeling in your home, particularly when it’s your master bathroom. Additionally, beautiful bathrooms can quickly boost your home’s value if you’re interested in selling.

However, remodeling your master bathroom is a complex project, and skilled installation is integral to a fantastic final product. Hiring a qualified installation company is crucial, especially for homeowners seeking more complex design styles.

Fortunately, residents of Kirkland can always rely on remodeling assistance from Wise Choice Construction. Our team of expert remodeling contractors has created hundreds of unique bathrooms for our clients in the area, with plenty of positive reviews to prove it. We’re passionate about bringing the master bathroom of your dreams to life, so fill out our contact form today so we can start discussing your project!

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