Planning A Master Bathroom Layout: Vital Things To Consider

Large primary master bathroom layout

Planning a bathroom remodeling project can be highly enjoyable, but it’s also essential to maintain a clear plan. When designing your ideal bathroom, the floor layout is integral to the ultimate feel of the room. It can also determine how well you and others can interact with the room. You don’t want the towel rack across the room from the shower, that makes no sense!

This article will discuss some factors to consider when planning a master bathroom layout in your home. You can also find out some of the options for the kind of bathroom you can create. This knowledge will be helpful when looking at which master bathroom ideas you want to use in your home.

Master Bath Layout Factors To Consider

Designing a practical floor plan involves balancing multiple factors, so it’s vital to do your research before getting started. The following sections will help you begin the bathroom design process and start thinking about how your choices will impact the outcome of the space. 

Analyze The Space Itself

You have significant flexibility when redesigning your bathroom, but there are still some limitations to consider. Changing the size of the room is challenging, so working with the existing space is the easiest option for most homeowners. Therefore, determining how much space you have is essential to planning your bathroom layout.

The room’s shape can also cater to specific bathroom floor plans better than others. For instance, some spaces are simply too small to comfortably fit a full bath layout, while other rooms may appear empty with just a shower and no tub. You can use decorative features like furniture or plants in place of a tub.

Think about where the current focal point is. In the master bathroom, this is usually the sink area. To make this area pop, consider using an interesting material for your countertops (marble or quartzitic stone are always classic choices). Or splurge on high-end plumbing fixtures. Once you’ve decided on your focal point, build the rest of your layout around it.

Ultimately, you know your home better than anyone, so choose the design you think fits best.

Consider How You Use The Space

Master bathroom with double vanity tub and shower

When remodeling any room in your home, you have an opportunity to truly tailor the layout of the space to your preference. Bathrooms are often high-traffic areas of the house, so a remodel is the perfect opportunity to create extra floor space or add new fixtures. Taking these elements into account can dramatically improve the outcome of your project.

For example, if two people use the bathroom simultaneously, a double vanity can simplify morning and evening routines. However, if you have the master bathroom all to yourself, you may have space to treat yourself with a spa tub or walk-in shower. 

Take stock of your existing bathroom fixtures. If you’re planning a complete renovation, you may have some leeway when it comes to where your fixtures are located. However, if you’re working within the confines of your existing floor plan, you’ll need to make sure that your proposed layout works with the location of your sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower.

A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • Are you someone who generally showers in the morning before getting dressed for the day?
  • Do you prefer to unwind with a long soak in the tub at night?
  • Do you have a large family and need extra space for multiple people to get ready at the same time?

Safety Is Always A Priority

Keeping everyone in your home safe should always be the top priority, so considering safety when planning your master bathroom layout is wise. Depending on the nature of your household, different safety measures may apply to you.

For example, if children use the room regularly, ensuring there are easy sightlines is vital to reducing the risk of accidents occurring in the tub or shower. Keeping storage areas above the floor is another excellent way to make your new bathroom safer for children. Additionally, clear and unobstructed paths are essential when elderly residents are present.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Another essential element to consider when planning your master bathroom layout is storage. Many unique storage solutions are available to modern homeowners, but knowing how much space you need is vital before planning the room. 

Cabinets under the makeup vanity are standard, but cubbies in the walls throughout the room can create convenient storage spaces as well. Additionally, many homeowners install storage solutions in or near their bathtubs to easily store their cellphones and other personal belongings. 

How Many People Will Use It?

If you have a family of four, chances are good that two people will be using the master bathroom at the same time on a regular basis. This means that if you have a sink-vanity-toilet configuration, there could be some traffic jams! The last thing you want is for your master bathroom to feel cramped and claustrophobic.

When laying out your master bathroom, be sure to leave plenty of space for traffic flow. You should be able to move freely from one side of the room to the other without having to maneuver around obstacles like vanities or free-standing tubs. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 36 inches between fixtures so that there’s ample room for two people to move around comfortably.

To avoid this potential issue, consider a double-sink vanity with plenty of counter space. This way, two people can use the sinks at the same time without getting in each other’s way.

Or, if you have the space, you could even consider adding a second toilet to the master bathroom. This would be especially convenient if your family has young children who need to use the restroom while you’re getting ready in the morning.

Options For Master Bathroom Layouts

A possible layout for master bathrooms

While you have significant control over the layout of your new bathroom, there are still some standard floor plans that most homeowners choose from. You can still make adjustments, but the following sections will give you some ideas of how best to utilize the space in your bathroom. 


An ideal option for many homeowners, a three-quarter bathroom layout foregoes a bathtub in favor of additional floor space. If you prefer a standing shower, this layout can be the perfect way to open up space for more storage or a more expansive vanity. However, homebuyers sometimes look for full bathrooms, so owners should consider this factor if they plan to sell.


A full bathroom is a traditional layout for a master or primary bathroom. This layout includes a tub and shower along with the vanity and toilet. While this bathroom style uses significant floor space, it offers a comfortable and versatile space for you and the rest of your household.

Generally, a full bathroom is an excellent choice if you’re planning to sell your home. Higher numbers of bathrooms can impress buyers and set your property apart. While customization to your tastes should take priority if you’re remodeling a long-term home, sellers should consider adding full bathrooms. 

Versatile Primary

Homeowners who share their master bathroom may find the versatile primary layout to be perfect for them. This layout splits the vanity and toilet from the tub and shower, creating significant open space in the middle of the room. Versatile primary layouts can also make it easier to install a double vanity, as more space is available on that side of the room.

Large Primary

With a large primary bathroom, homeowners can enclose the area around the toilet for increased privacy. However, this master bath layout requires significant square footage as the bathtub usually sits against the room’s back wall. While a large primary design doesn’t fit every home, it’s an excellent way to fill up a spacious bathroom.

Start Your Master Bathroom Remodel Today With Wise Choice Construction

Hopefully, this article taught you a lot about master bathroom layout options and how homeowners can choose between them. However, another crucial step in planning your remodel is finding the right contracting company. Wise Choice Construction can provide a stunning master bathroom efficiently and professionally. Our experience and customer process helps us create incredible spaces our clients love.

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