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Don't Let An Unexpected Accident Ruin The Home You Love

When it comes to making decisions for your home, it has never been easier to make the Wise Choice. If you're in need of home restoration in Bellevue, we're here to help.

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Restore Your Peace Of Mind

Navigating the restoration of your home after disaster strikes can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you have to endure stress and disruption to your daily routine. You should not have to go through this challenging time alone.

At Wise Choice Construction, we recognize that reclaiming your serenity and restoring your home is essential for you to move forward with life as usual. Our experienced restoration team is dedicated to providing invaluable home restoration services in Bellevue tailored specifically to fit your needs and budget.

Let us help you reclaim the peace and comfort of your home that you deserve!

Bellevue Restoration Experts You Can Trust

When it comes to restoration, you need a team that you can trust. The process can be confusing and overwhelming, but with Wise Choice Construction, you can rest assured that your worries are being heard and addressed.

We strive to give you a sense of comfort amidst all the unknowns by providing the support and guidance needed throughout each step in the Bellevue fire damage restoration process.

Our team becomes your team--allowing you to rest easy and trust that we are taking care of you.

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How it Works

Our goal is for you to give you back the home you love, so we've built our process with you in mind. We value simplicity and transparency because it always produces the best outcome!

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The first thing that we will do is inspect your home and make sure proper precautions are in place to mitigate any further damage from happening.

From there we'll evalute what the issue is and write out detailed documentation for your insurance company. We will contact your insurance company directly to explain the extent of your loss to make sure your claims representative knows exactly what the issues are.

We do this to make things as efficient as possible for your vendors, your insurance company, and your family.

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This is where we will start the removal of wet or damaged materials. To make sure we are taking care of the home, we leave dehumidifiers and fans in the effected areas to help keep it dry. In areas that have been impacted by fire damage, we use negative air machines with HEPA filtration.

For the areas of your home that cannot be saved, Wise Choice will create an estimate of how much work needs to be done for a full rebuild. We will evaluate cost and handle all necessary paperwork for your claim submission.

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Estimate/Claim Writing

Once your claim is fully written, we will submit it to your insurance comapny with any other required documentation that they will need.

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Claim Approval

We will coordinate a time to come out and start your restoration work as soon as your claim in approved. You will be kept in the loop through each stop so we can make sure you have an amazing experience while we rebuild your home.

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Together we will go through all aspects of your home's reconstruction project, and we'll make sure you are happy with each detail. We will coordinate a time to come out and start your restoration work as soon as your claim in approved. You will be kept in the loop through each stop so we can make sure you have an amazing experience while we rebuild your home.

We will keep you updated through each step in the buildout process and address any questions or concerns you may have as we progress.

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Enjoy Your New Home

Although unfortunate situations can be stressful, many who have restoration work done take the opportunity to get the dream home they've always wanted.

Once we finish the buildout of your home, we will do a final walkthrough to make sure you love your new space. When everything is right, you'll sign the certificate of satisfaction.

Keep your peace of mind knowing your restored home is covered by our workmanship warranty.

Restoration Services Prices

Each restoration project is different depending on what needs to be fixed, but rest assured, we are here to make sure you are taken care of. Whether it's water damage repair, mold growth, fire damage repair, or vehicle damage to home, we are your go-to for home restoration in Bellevue.

Restoration Services*


Services we offer:

*custom pricing based on restoration and project complexity. You’ll receive an exact quote for your restoration service after the in-house consultation.

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Take a look at some of the homes we have been able to help restore by browsing the gallery below.​ From fire restoration in Bellevue to water damage repair, we've done it all.

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