DIY vs. Professional Bathroom Remodeling: Which Is Better For Your Seattle Home?

a bathroom with a tub and a television in it.

Are you dreaming of a well-designed bathroom that gives you all the luxurious benefits of a bathroom remodel? Or maybe you’re pondering how you can add value to your home with a bathroom remodel project? If you’re a Seattle homeowner looking to create the bathroom of your dreams, this blog post is for you. We’ll […]

The Benefits Of Bathroom Remodeling And How To Get Started

An elegant, remodeled bathroom with a grey vanity and bronze hardware. The shower has a large shower head and marble tiles and glass wall line the sides

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom and dreaming of a luxurious, spa-like space? Do you wish your bathroom could be more functional and efficient? In this blog post, you’ll learn about the benefits of bathroom remodeling and how to get started on your own project. By the end of this post, you’ll understand how […]

7 Kitchen Flooring Materials: The Pros, Cons, And More

a large kitchen with a table and chairs in it.

Is your old kitchen floor showing its age? Are you ready to replace it but aren’t sure what kitchen flooring materials will work best for your space? To make it easier, here’s a quick overview of our favorite flooring materials for kitchens and what you need to know before making a decision. After reading this […]

How To Install A Tile Backsplash In Your Kitchen

a stove top oven sitting under a metal hood.

Skill Level: Intermediate Time: 1+ days Cost: Several hundred dollars+ Tools: Materials: How To Install A Tile Backsplash In Your Kitchen Are you looking to add a fresh look and personality to your kitchen with a new tile backsplash? Are you wondering how to start this kitchen remodeling project? Installing a tile backsplash in your […]

The Best Materials For Kitchen Countertops

a kitchen with white cabinets and a center island.

Are you thinking about replacing the kitchen countertops in your Kirkland home? Wondering what the best materials for kitchen countertops are? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we take a closer look at 13 different materials that can be used for kitchen countertops and how they compare in […]

18 Creative Bathroom Designs You Can’t Help But Want

a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

From rustic mirrors, wall sconces, and statement colors, these ideas are sure to turn your plain old bathroom design into a luxurious and relaxing retreat. After reading this article, you’ll feel inspired and ready to tackle your own creative bathroom renovation.